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Chapter 7 bankruptcy
The end goal of declaring bankruptcy is to protect assets from being claimed by creditors when one is unable to pay back what they owe. However, there are different approaches to it as laid out in the Chapters of Acts of Law that deal with bankruptcy. Two of those laws are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The main...
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file for bankruptcy
Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy. However, there comes a time for many people where it is necessary to file for bankruptcy. When finances are so out of whack a person is unable to afford paying their bills and the constant call from collectors is overbearing, it is time to bring in a professional lawyer...
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Dallas bankruptcy lawyer
A bankruptcy case is a serious matter. It should not be decided haphazardly without the proper strategic planning session from a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer who is much knowledgeable with the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy and its possible impact to the lives of people whether its prohibitions falls under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or...
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The fact that you are interested in this is most likely because you have a troublesome debt for which you are seeking a solution. Probably you don’t want to lose your home or car. Probably you are tired of lawsuits, wage garnishment and incessant harassment. Probably you want to unfreeze your account or discharge a...
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dallas bankruptcy attorney
Declaring bankruptcy is considered the best and safe option if you want to get out of the labyrinth of debt that makes your life miserable. It helps you make a brand new start while equipped with the experiences that once have led you to the most perilous times of your life. However, even though the...
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There are certain instances that occur in life that take us by surprise. Finances, for instance, have a way of blindsiding people leading to devastating effects for the rest of their lives. Such events may lead these individuals to file for bankruptcy due to reasons that are beyond their reach. Some people will check to...
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