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Bankruptcy Testimonials / Reviews

“Deciding to file for bankruptcy was a stressful decision and worrisome time in my life, but Don Hood was wonderful during that time. Don handled my case in a way that was personable and professional. I felt I truly was in experienced, capable hands, and he exceeded my expectations in assisting me with my concerns and questions that arose during the process. It was a blessing to have a lawyer who truly was there to help me throughout the process in every way that he could and who did not just treat me like another case in the pile. I highly recommend Don Hood. I feel lucky to have found him!”

Jon W


“I did not know what to expect. Mr. Hood came highly recommended by my personal attorney. I only knew that I had to declare bankruptcy. On our first meeting he explained everything to me, answered all of my questions and most importantly removed the embarrassment I felt. He outlined the procedure, the costs and the timing of the filing. He recommended a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and explained why. He reviewed all of my pertinent information and the petition was finished that day. After filing he checked in with me on a regular basis and helped prepare me for my meeting with the creditors. He attended that meeting with me. After the creditors meeting he continued to follow up and 60 days later I received his letter that the Discharge Order had been issued. I did not know what to expect, and what I received was professional and experienced legal help with my bankruptcy.”



“My wife and I found Mr. Hood to be very nice and to the point. you always know where you stand while dealing with him and exactly the kind on man you want on your side when dealing with difficult situations. I would highly recommend him to any family or friends”



I am a single mother of two daughters who found herself in a mass amount of credit card debt due to providing for my daughters for over 17 years with little to no help from anyone else financially. This included medical bills, homeownership, plumbing and structural repairs to our home, repairs to my aging vehicle and all that goes with raising kids and providing for them (school and then college expenses, additional cars and increased insurance costs for teenage drivers, etc.) I found myself drowning in debt.

I tried debt consolidation (that was a huge waste of money! Don’t ever do this! CALL DON)! I called the credit card companies for help (they won’t even listen to you until you quit paying them and are months behind). I sought bank loans (this went nowhere at all). I maxed out loans on my 401K to help pay my debts down, but those loan payments just decreased my take home pay and my ability to keep up with all my bills. I found myself left with no choice if I wanted to keep my house and my sanity and that was to file bankruptcy (which was a very hard fact to deal with). I did not want resort to this solution and felt a tremendous amount of guilt about it. So I prayed about it. DON was the answer to my prayer for help! I got a letter from Don in the mail and it stood out to me! He is a Godsend and a real Prince! He helped me in ways no one else could. I contacted 3 other bankruptcy lawyers, that had solicited me, before I contacted Don.

Don was the ONLY one who really listened to my questions and concerns. When he said he could help me, I literally heard angels singing in my head and was finally able to take a deep breath for the first time in months! Don sat down with me and we went over every aspect of my debt and my situation. He got me qualified when the other 3 attorneys I contacted blew me off and said I did not qualify. Don knows his craft and he does it with expert knowledge! Don went above and beyond on my bankruptcy case where others just brushed me off. Don is worth every penny of his fee! My stress has been relieved, my guilt about having to do this is gone and I can breathe easier! I have also learned to take care of myself and my children on a cash basis on my salary alone. I will never get myself into this situation again and have learned a valuable lesson. If you are overwhelmed, drowning in debt and feeling like you have nowhere to turn … TURN to DON! “

M Johnson


“I found myself having to make a stressful and life changing decision of whether to file bankruptcy or not. But, after speaking with Don I knew that it was going to be what was best for my daughter and I. He didn’t judge me for my poor life decisions that lead me to have to file bankruptcy. He truly had our best interest in mind. Don was professional and very efficient. He told me up front everything I would need to file and how the process would go from start to finish. He also answered any questions that I had even when I didn’t have a scheduled appointment. Don made the entire process stress free. I would highly recommend Don to anyone that is trying to make the decision in regards to filing bankruptcy.”

Anita M.


“We would highly recommend Don Hood as an outstanding attorney! Don Hood helped my husband and I through one of the most difficult and emotionally stressful times of our life. He did a great job at handling our case efficiently, respectfully, discreetly and professionally. Don was not like most lawyers just wanting his money, he was a friend to us during our difficult time all questions were answered with out a rush. We are Very satisfied and would highly recommend Don Hood as your lawyer.”

Antoinette B.


“Don is a very professional, knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney. Bankruptcy was something my husband and I never thought we would experience, he walked us through it step by step making it much less overwhelming than we thought. When Don says no to worry you don’t have to, he is definitely a man of his word. Thanks Don for giving us our second shot at life. Your the Best!”

Sandra S.


“Our experience with Don was nothing like we expected. He made us feel very comfortable and did a great job! He made sure he answered all our questions and he was always available. If only all Lawyers were like him. I have and will recommend him to my family and friends that are in need of someone that takes care of them and their problem and does not think of himself. Thank you Don for giving us peace of mind!”

J L.


” Don changed our lives! He is the best!! The only Bankruptcy Lawyer that sat down and went over everything with us. We will never file bankruptcy again… But will refer him for the rest of my life!!”

Krissi E.


“My experience with this attorney was better than great! He is very thorough and easy to work with!! Helped me understand the process, and made it almost painless. I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Hood. He even after almost two years stills answers any small questions I have…..Great Attorney!!!”

Kelly G.


“Mr. Hood handled my Bankruptcy in a professional and timely manner, he was knowledgeable and trustworthy and provided all the needed information and answered all my questions. I would happily recommend Don Hood to family and friends.”

Stephanie J.


“I obtained services from Mr. Hood for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and he met and exceeded my expectations. The services were professional and prompt and all of my concerns and questions were answered! I recommend Donald E. Hood to anyone seeking a bankruptcy.”

Toya T.


“Great Attorney! Detailed! When you don’t know what to do or where to go this is the office you need to be in! Don took care of everything, he returned all calls, explained everything and is so patient! Thank you Don.”

Emma A.

Bankruptcy Laws

The new bankruptcy law establishes stricter criteria for filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy cases. A debt can typically be discharged in a Ch. 7 case if it is unsecured, which means there is no property securing the debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision, and The Law Office of Donald E. Hood, PLLC wants to make sure that the type of bankruptcy protection that you choose is the right one for you.

Bankruptcy FAQs

You are entitled to keep a generous amount of your belongings when filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy. Texas law provides for high personal exemptions–items that are protected from seizure by your creditors.

Having financial problems? Consult with a bankruptcy attorney today. Affordable payment plans are available.