Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dallas Launch Their New Website

Dallas, TX – The Law Office of Donald E. Hood, PLLC, a Dallas based law firm is thrilled to announce the launch of its new and redesigned website “” This new site brings you closer to improved service delivery by providing an interactive and re-defined user experience. It features an innovative design, clear navigation options, and most importantly up-to-date information about developments aimed at enhancing the firm’s service delivery.

The Law Office of Donald E. Hood, PLLC was founded in 2005 and has realized significant growth ever since. Thanks to these developments, Donald E. Hood and his longtime partner Christopher R. Wilkes found it fit to develop and launch a new website. This will undoubtedly help them showcase their expertise in chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and most importantly what sets them ahead of the pack.

The brains behind this user-friendly and responsive website are renewed website developers Click4Corp. This firm is developed using the latest website technologies making it compatible with various browsers and mobile devices. These developments are aimed at addressing the interests of internet users using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The Law Office Of Donald E HoodAnyone visiting this site can learn everything about what they do by a few clicks. Not just that, you will also get a detailed look at the firm’s recent accomplishments backed out by emotional sentiments from previous clients. The new and interactive user interphase also makes it easy to reach them and make their submissions online. Visit to view the firm’s new website.

About the Firm

Law Office of Donald E. Hood bankruptcy lawyers is always prepared to represent anyone in Dallas and its environs struggling to meet their financial obligations. Donald E. Hood and Christopher R. Wilkes are always prepared to assists anyone struggling with different issues relating to bankruptcy. Each of the firm’s bankruptcy lawyer brings in a wealth of experience and business acumen creating an environment of agility and efficiency. The fact that these bankruptcy lawyers hail from humble backgrounds comes with an assurance of having a representative with all your interests at heart.

Some of their main areas of specializations include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy law
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws
  • Debt settlement issues
  • Business Bankruptcy

With extensive experience in both consumer and bankruptcy on chapter 7 bankruptcy law. Donald E. Hood’s clients are assured of unmatched representation from some of the best in the country. The firms record accomplishments and testimonials from satisfied clients has attracted an impressive clientele.

“I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was one of eight children, did not have a privileged upbringing, but am extremely grateful for my parents’ many sacrifices. They instilled in me a work ethic that I carry with me to this day”, says Donald when reaffirming his commitment to securing your financial future. Therefore, if you are struggling with your financial situation and finding a bankruptcy lawyer, feel free to contact their legal team at and let them provide you with the best course of action.

Bankruptcy Laws

The new bankruptcy law establishes stricter criteria for filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy cases. A debt can typically be discharged in a Ch. 7 case if it is unsecured, means there is no property securing the debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision, and The Law Office of Donald E. Hood, PLLC wants to make sure that the type of bankruptcy protection that you choose is the right one for you.

Bankruptcy FAQs

You are entitled to keep a generous amount of your belongings when filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy. Texas law provides for high personal exemptions–items that are protected from seizure by your creditors.

Having financial problems? Consult with a bankruptcy attorney today. Affordable payment plans are available.

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