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A bankruptcy case is a serious matter. It should not be decided haphazardly without the proper consultation from a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer who is much knowledgeable with the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy and its possible impact to the lives of people whether its prohibitions falls under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or 13.

For most people who are facing great financial trouble, bankruptcy is considered to be the best last option, especially if the certain individual has no capability to settle their debts based on their assets and financial status. It is also the foremost solution in making a brand new start because it relieves the debtor from numerous debt obligations that were incurred before filing for bankruptcy. However, to make this attempt a success, the Dallas bankruptcy lawyer strongly advise people, who are considering this option, to choose carefully the bankruptcy lawyer that will handle their case. This is because bankruptcy itself is tricky, and not having the proper understanding to its rulings could result to an enduring constant damage.

Having trouble choosing the best bankruptcy lawyer that will address your concerns? The Dallas bankruptcy lawyer shares the following key points in choosing the bankruptcy lawyer that will work with you and your debt problems.

  • You’ll get exactly what you need. When hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to address your bankruptcy concerns, the first thing that will hinder you is finding the one that matches your budget. This is inevitable as certain fees have to be paid. However, it does not mean that just because a bankruptcy lawyer will charge you lower price compared to other lawyer, you’ll get what you pay for because this is already a red flag to you. This kind of bankruptcy lawyer will surely cut the corners in your case or will not do much with the bankruptcy case. On the other hand, reputable bankruptcy lawyers will never give out cost estimations unless otherwise, you have consulted your concerns to them and had given you several measures to make your filing for bankruptcy attempt a success.
  • They are the true bankruptcy experts. Many call themselves as bankruptcy lawyers who are knowledgeable with the every corner of the bankruptcy, yet failed to display their expertise with regards to handling the case. Entrusting your bankruptcy concerns with the Donald E. Hood Law Office can guarantee you that the person who will handle your case is a true bankruptcy, expert. Mr. Donald E. Hood had helped several clients with bankruptcy cases and has given them a favorable result which is why it is important to know who you are dealing with when it comes to crucial cases like bankruptcy
  • They are updated with the latest code changes. Bankruptcy lawyers know exactly how they can differentiate your bankruptcy case to the 2005 code changes that were passed in aims to penalized habitual filers and reign in millionaires from toying the system. They can give you accurate answers on every concern you might raise to them with regards to your decision to file for bankruptcy.
  • You already managed to establish a good and comfortable working relationship from the initial consultation. Having a good feel about the bankruptcy lawyer who will handle your case is enough sign for you that it is going to work out. You might meet a qualified and competent bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case, but having a bad feeling about them from the very first meeting is enough warning sign that your case might go nowhere especially if you are not that familiar with bankruptcy and they do not share to you important facts about it that could help you in deciding whether to continue or not.

Bankruptcy Laws

The new bankruptcy law establishes stricter criteria for filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy cases. A debt can typically be discharged in a Ch. 7 case if it is unsecured, means there is no property securing the debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision, and The Law Office of Donald E. Hood, PLLC wants to make sure that the type of bankruptcy protection that you choose is the right one for you.

Bankruptcy FAQs

You are entitled to keep a generous amount of your belongings when filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy. Texas law provides for high personal exemptions–items that are protected from seizure by your creditors.

Having financial problems? Consult with a bankruptcy attorney today. Affordable payment plans are available.

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